A better Whitetruffle: introducing “inbox”

Over the past weeks, we’ve been hard at work to improve the Whitetruffle experience. 49K lines of code and 806 commits later, we’re really happy to introduce “inbox”, a huge improvement that will help you get the most of out Whitetruffle, like the thousands of companies and candidates who have already connected through us. 

After talking to many companies and candidates, we realized that you all wanted an easy way to identify the matches that needed your attention, and a fast solution to get in touch. 

With inbox, you’ll see an “Open” folder in the navigation on the left. Similar to an email inbox, this will group all the matches that need your attention. 


The new Whitetruffle also brings messaging at the core of the experience. As soon as you accept a match, you can now message them right there, ask them a question or convince them to be introduced to you. Our goal is to connect companies and candidates, and we think a very easy messaging platform, anonymous for candidates, will enable many introductions and hires!


We’re also introducing a “card” at the top of each match which summarizes why we think you should be connected. It shows the most important signals, which should help you decide whether or not to accept the match extremely quickly. Think of it as a smart business card, tailored to what you actually care about. This is actually really handy when you use Whitetruffle on your mobile phone. 


There are dozens of other improvements we brought to the Whitetruffle experience, such as an easier navigation, an easy access to trending candidates for bacon and prosciutto customers, more stats, much better performance etc… 

And of course, Whitetruffle is optimized to work perfectly on your desktop, your phone or your tablet! 

We’re looking forward to hearing from all of you what you think about it, and how we can always improve. In the meantime, happy truffles hunting! 


Ask your friends if they think it’s a good job for you

Candidates looking for jobs often asked advice to their friends once they start talking to companies. Not publicly of course, but in private discussions. 

We wanted to make this very easy for candidates on Whitetruffle. We just launched a new feature called “Ask feedback” allowing you to send a job to your friend, and have them provide easy feedback on whether they think it’s a good fit. 


You’ll see a “Ask for feedback” link below the usual “Accept/Meet” or “Pass” buttons when you review a company. 

You then prompted to enter one of your friend email address, or send them a private message on Facebook or even copy and paste a unique URL. Your friends will see the full profile of the company and a feedback form like this: 


They can just click Yes, No or Maybe. They can also add their name and a few comments for you. All this will then appear when you review the match on your dashboard. 

All this is obviously private. At no time we post that information publicly. It’s purely between you and the friend you selected. 

We hope this feature helps you in finding your next challenge. 

New delivery schedule & flow

At Whitetruffle, we’re hard at work in always trying to improve the experience for both companies and candidates. Our goal is to match people who not only are a good “fit”, but also who are highly likely to want to talk to each other. 

We’ve heard from many companies that they’re getting too many matches during the course of the day, which makes the experience overwhelming. Starting this week, we’ll only send you new matches after you process the matches you already have. If you don’t process those matches, you won’t get new ones. 

Also, remember that letting a match expire impacts negatively on your responsiveness score, and the quality of candidates you’ll see! Passing or accepting a candidate is viewed a positive action by the platform and thus boosts your responsiveness score. 

We’ve also made changes to the way the flow works. The normal flow is now one delivery per 24 hours. High flow (for our bacon and prosciutto customers) gives you matches up to 3 times per day. 

All of these changes should result in a much more regular and manageable flow of candidates for each company. 

Many companies have also asked for a way to manage and control the amount of emails they’re receiving. We’re working on it and it will be out very soon! 

We’re introducing Analytics for companies

We’re always listening to the feedback from companies. Recently, we released several features that were directly inspired from what we’ve been hearing. 

The first one is “multiple seats”. Bigger organizations have been asking for the ability to have several people in their company use their Whitetruffle account. This is now available for our Bacon and Prosciutto customers. No more forwarding or giving away your password. You can all use the same account with your own credentials. 

The second one is really exciting and something we’ve been working on for some time (ok, in startup world, we’re talking about days ;)). You can now have access to tons of analytics aimed at making you better at hiring.

For ex, we tell you the feedback candidates left when they pass on your company. 


We also show you data about how the candidates reacted to your matches to help you understand better what’s happening on the platform. 


We show you a lot more data, like expirations, your own company activity, and aggregate data for your lifetime on Whitetruffle. 

This is exclusively for our Bacon and Prosciutto customers. If you’re an existing Whitetruffle customers and want to upgrade, or a new company and want to join, just click here.

Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!

We have so many things to be thankful for at Whitetruffle!

We have hundreds and hundreds of companies using us every week. We have thousands of software developers active on our system. Every hour of every day, several interviews happen thanks to Whitetruffle. 

Hundreds of jobs have been filled on Whitetruffle, at some amazing companies such as Asana, Taskrabbit, Cardspring, Salesforce, Vungle, Opower etc… Many companies such as Optimizely, Dropcam, Eventbrite, or Symphony have made multiple hires. 

Our candidates keep telling us that they love the fact they’re in control. We don’t auction them off. They don’t get spammed by recruiters. They decide who they talk to, who sees their private info, and they feel that’s the right way recruiting should be done. It’s not just about being hired, it’s about a whole new experience of finding the right job. 

We are so thankful to both candidates and companies who help us make Whitetruffle better every day. 

Happy thanksgiving!

The Whitetruffle team

Whitetruffle, now free for all!


At Whitetruffle, we have big ambitions. We want to connect everybody with the right job opportunity.

The only way we can do this is by being able to allow every company, of any size, to join our platform. This is the way we can make the best matches for every Whitetruffle user, and further enhance our experience for everyone.

When talking to thousands of companies who have used Whitetruffle, we understood very clearly that the success-fee-upon-hire model was a major hurdle for many, preventing some companies from being able to use Whitetruffle.

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re removing that friction.

Whitetruffle is now totally free for both companies and candidates. (Read our announcement here, watch our video here).

You can easily sign up as a company or candidate here.

For companies who have multiple jobs and want to hire faster, we are offering affordable paid plans with some extra features to help you with your goals. These plans start from $660/month and you can see details here. Some of these features will allow you to choose school, work backgrounds of candidates, and also allow you to reach out to our most popular candidates.

If you’re an existing Whitetruffle customer, you should have already received an email about this change from our business development team with your options. If you haven’t, or if you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

From the day Whitetruffle was born, we wanted to create the best experience for all of our users. While we still have a lot of work ahead of us, the success that we’ve seen with the hundreds of happy hires that happened through Whitetruffle gives me confidence that we’re moving in the right direction. 

We are grateful for your support, and hope that you will continue to help us shape our product.

Alex Deve
CEO & Co-Founder

Exclusive Offer for W Hotel SF Event


We’ve had fun participating in one of the best organized tech & startup mixer event in San Francisco and we’re spreading the love!

The next event will be at the swanky W Hotel in S.F. on Oct. 4 (Fri.), and any Whitetruffle referred company will get a 50~60% discount off of the exhibitor or sponsor package. General public admission is free too, open to anyone (details below.)

Don’t wait to take up on the offer, or register to attend. There’s already more than 1,500 geeks, tech experts, entrepreneurs that have registered.

Whitetruffle’s Co-founder/CEO, Alex Deve, will also take stage with fellow entrepreneurs in a Startup Tech Chat at this super cool event.  

[How to get the Company discount for the event]

View details here.

50% off Exhibitor Package ($1,000 value for $500)

60% off all Sponsorship Packages (see info here)

Recognition at the event if product or monetary donations are made

To get the offer, email Andrew Vecchio (Co-founder & Biz Chief of Tech&Startup Mixer) at andrew@techstartupmixer.com with email subject line: Whitetruffle I Your Company Name to get the offer (Andrew’s phone: 415-692-6762).

[How to personally register to attend the event]

Register for free here.

Feel free to spread the love to your network and friends, the more the merrier!

The Art of Persuasion

Many times we’re asked by employers, “How can I better engage the candidate?”, “How can I hook them so they’ll consider us?”. Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut answer. But companies who are getting the attention of our candidates seem to do well when they’re able tell a good story of the big “idea” that the candidate could be part of.

My own experience is no different than what most people get. When an employer or recruiter approaches me, they usually cut and paste from their website and the job posting. The problem? It fails to open my eye to the potential of what this opportunity could be “for me”. So with not much to grasp, I’ll usually ignore or politely decline.

If you’re guilty of this too, don’t waste your time! Take a moment to re-think your approach and read on.

The art of persuasion is about the bigger vision that people like Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King have been able to convey. The good news is, there’s a pattern that you can steal and incorporate in your communication to make it compelling.

Here’s a story structure shape that these great story tellers intuitively used.


Image (c) Nancy Duarte: How to lure audiences

The pattern follows a method of communicating to your audience on where you are today (“What is”) and contrasting it to the future (“What could be”). It’s important to make the gap as big as possible, so that you can lure the audience away to the future that awaits them.

Isn’t that similar to the needs of talent sourcing? Most candidates you want are passive or don’t even know you, and you need to differentiate.


Image (c) Nancy Duarte: How to lure audiences

This means you need to tell a good “story” with the grand vision, but make it clear so it ties in to what this could mean for the candidate. Try using the contrast approach and tell the story of your company’s existence from your heart. If your candidate can grasp, resonate, and get excited about your story, it’s going to be so much easier to move them to the next phase.

What’s the back story to the art of persuasion?

A few years ago, I had the privilege of attending a one day workshop at Duarte, a small boutique communication agency in the heart of Silicon Valley that’s led by Nancy Duarte. Tired of many boring presentations that fall flat, she de-constructed the structure of persuasive communication by studying Gustav Freytag’s (German dramatist) dramatic story structure, cinema scripts, and presentations given by Steve Jobs, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King.

Her curiosity and research paid off, and she uncovered the underlying story structure that can move audiences. You can watch an intriguing video of Nancy’s session about how to lure audiences on this video at TedX East here.

Rewind to 2007 when Steve Jobs took stage to debut the iPhone to the world, it wasn’t all about the sleek new design, awesome features, or the R&D.  His goal was to sell the “idea” of how the iPhone can change your life, and Nancy found that he used the technique of “what it is” and “what it could be” to draw his audience in, and compel them to feel the same way.  The 90 min. speech peaked when he unveiled the actual iPhone and created a STAR moment (=Something To Always Remember), and he finished his story with a quote that led the audience to the new bliss: the promise to carry on Apple’s vision of building revolutionary products.


It’s time to re-visit your elevator pitch and ensure that your grand vision is incorporated into the communication that you have with your candidates.

Whether it’s your company profile, or your first message to the candidate, take a step back and check to see if it sounds like a good story. Why does your business exist and what’s the big picture?

At Whitetruffle, we help companies source candidates faster, so that you can build your teams faster. Our message could end there… but our big vision is that by doing so, we enable more innovations to come to life faster. And we’re all very proud to be part of it :-)

- Masami, Whitetruffle Marketing

The Scent of Success

Software developer recruiting is like dating. It’s hard to find that “needle in the haystack,” let alone gain the candidate’s attention. 

Today we wanted to introduce some very cool seed-funded companies in key metro areas we serve (SF and NY). They’ve been using Whitetruffle to source talent and our data shows that they have received good interest from our candidates over the past 5 months, some successfully hiring the right talent quickly. We think that their popularity with our candidates is a good signal for future success and encourage you to keep them on your radar. Each of them have a unique vision and a deep passion to change the world. 


[New York]  

SeamBLISS (e-commerce)

SeamBLiSS connects everyday individuals directly with their own personal fashion designer. Clients can receive affordable custom-designed and custom-fitting apparel. Customized clothing will be a $36 Billion industry online within the next 5 years and SeamBLiSS is the first of its kind to attack the industry in this way.

Adboku (publishing/e-books)

Adboku is creating new ways for publishers to generate revenue, and allowing more people to easily access eBook content. They currently have a digital ad platform targeting professionals by providing members of large organizations free eBooks sponsored by brands. Our patent-pending advertising technology embeds the sponsor’s full-page, interactive ads in between chapters, generating them tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue per campaign.

Bespoke Post (e-commerce/subscription)

Bespoke Post is a monthly subscription service specializing in men’s lifestyle products. Boxes are themed (recent examples include a shave kit, a travel theme, and a high-end Japanese cocktail set). Also, unlike many subscription services, you can see what the box will contain ahead of time, then opt whether or not to skip it that month.

Skim.me (consumer web)

Skim.Me’s mission  is to help people keep up with digital information in a better way. They’re rethinking how information is organized, consumed, and (eventually) contextually prioritized through a more effective UX and a more efficient unified interface for processing updates.

Mack Weldon (e-commerce)

Mack Weldon is a new menswear brand focused on premium basics. Smart designs, performance-based fabrics and superior functionality. In addition to creating superior product, they are focused on creating a new distribution model that is all about convenience for the customer.

GGGrit (consumer web)

GGGrit is focused on helping women advance in their chosen careers. Curators collect and share actionable advice and insights about how to build leadership, communication skills, and effectively plan professional development.

KeyMe (consumer electronics/devices)

KeyMe is a stealthy robotics startup with a large web component. Machine vision, machine learning, robotics, mobile… All kinds of fun tech challenges.

Pictorious (photo sharing/social gaming)

On Pictorious, users create fun challenges for their friends. Their friends then post photos as proof that they’ve stepped up and completed the challenge. Players level up and earn rewards as they complete challenges and receive likes.

Bondsy (mobile commerce)

Bondsy is a new way for friends to trade things you can’t put a price on. Users can trade anything they own for anything their network has to offer. Yet, unlike other peer-to-peer marketplaces, Bondsy tries to take the focus away from money, and place the real value of the service on the experiences shared.


[San Francisco Bay Area]

AeroFS (software)

AeroFS encrypts your data end-to-end, and only shares your files with those who you invite- turning your file servers into private clouds. Manage users, sharing, permissions and devices all from one central location.

BackOps (small business service)

BackOps is the fastest growing managed back office service provider in the country. They offer back office as a subscription, creating tools to automate accounting, finance and human resources. BackOps provides companies with mission critical applications to ensure that they stay in business and continue to thrive.

Vurb (consumer web)

Vurb is working on search, machine learning, and UX/UI technology that helps users search and interact across their favorite online services in a more usable, intelligent, and social manner.

DataHero (enterprise)

DataHero is the first web application that allows anyone to visualize and understand the data that matters the most to them. Users import information from a variety of popular online services, reports, spreadsheets, or other files. Algorithms automatically categorize and tag the information, enabling users to focus on questions and answers instead of data formats and SQL.

Cater2.me (food/catering)

Cater2.me connects high quality local food vendors with companies and groups requiring catering. They get to know everything about local chefs to ensure people get the best food possible, customized to preferences, with excellent service.

Ravel (legal)

Ravel is focused on making legal research radically easier, faster, and more intuitive. Their goal is to be your first stop for case research, creating tools to quickly identify the most relevant and important cases, understand how they should be interpreted, and helping legal professionals collaborate with peers.

Kismet (mobile/social network)

Kismet was recently named one of the “Top 10 Alternatives to Facebook” by the Huffington Post. They’re doing really interesting things in mobile, including building a highly scalable group messaging application and what has been rated one of the most accurate, yet battery-efficient, location algorithms.

PlanGrid (consumer web)

PlanGrid is a small team of construction engineers, software engineers, and ex-rocket scientists, building intuitive, beautiful tablet apps for construction. Their users are project engineers, architects, superintendents, and electricians - helping them build real things more efficiently.

Instore (software)

Instore allows owners to run their stores minute by minute with a cloud-based point of sale and backend accessible on any device. Their architecture is open source, making it easy for business owners to integrate third party services.

App Monetization Workshop

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered up with the Application Developers Alliance to share some hot news and event info around the App eco-system.

This Friday (Aug. 2) in San Francisco, they will be hosting a workshop — “Picking the Path to App Profitability”— with an open bar reception to show you how to build revenue and better monetize your apps. Learn from expert leaders from CBS Interactive, CapCom, PlayFirst, Dolby, Twilio, and more.

RSVP at http://bit.ly/Monetization-SF  (live stream available)

8/2 Fri. 2 pm @Twilio in San Francisco